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An ever-evolving dining experience

Get ready for a thrilling culinary journey that keeps on evolving.

This one-of-a-kind dining experience features an exciting rotation of talented Chefs from around the globe, bringing inspiring twists to every dish that is rich in culture and stories to tell.

Our table is dedicated to our regulars and passionate patrons who would like to know more. It offers a backstage pass to the inner minds of the brilliant chefs, as well as industry insights and support for worthwhile causes.

Dive deep and uncover the root of the passion.

Chef Lineup

Tomoyuki Matsuya's Table

Sushi Omakase
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Indulge in a selection of Chef Tomoyuki’s renowned classics, seamlessly intertwined with surprise dishes crafted exclusively for Chef’s Table. With Chef Tomoyuki’s experimental creations, he takes up the challenge, promising a next-level omakase experience.

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Tomoyuki Matsuya x Yamamoto Takashi

Wagyu Omakase
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Chefs Tomoyuki Matsuya and Takashi Yamamoto are delighted to announce a special reunion to bring back the esteemed Choji Omakase experience, available for a limited period.

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Level 2, 228 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067
(Enter via Choji Yakiniku on the ground floor)

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